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·  Cool School Challenge
·  Green Flag Incentive Program
·  Breathe Better Air at School
·  Interface's Journey to Sustainability
·  Cardiovascular Risk Management by Community Pharmacists
·  Climate Leaders
·  Illinois WISEWOMAN Program
·  Internet-Based Case Management for Secondary Prevention of Heart Disease
·  Physical Activity and Teenage Health (PATH) Program
·  Portland's Local Action Plan to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions
·  Strong Women - Healthy Hearts
·  The City of Chula Vista's CO2 Reduction Plan
·  Urban Mold and Moisture Program
·  BetterU
·  CDC COMMUNITY GUIDE: Asthma Control: Home-Based Multi-Trigger, Multicomponent Environmental Interventions CDC
·  Community-Based Multiple Risk Factor Intervention for Cardiovascular Risk
·  Cornwall Housing and Health
·  Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) - Worksite Program
·  Football Hypertension Intervention
·  Green Power Partnership - Bellingham's global warming pollution reduction through use of green power
·  Hartslag Limburg (Heartbeat Limburg)
·  Healthy Hoops
·  Healthy Kids Express - Asthma Program
·  Heartbeat Wales
·  Hearts for Life
·  Metropolitan Region I Cardiovascular Disease Risk Screening and Education
·  Million Hearts
·  Mind, Exercise, Nutrition...Do it! (MEND) Program
·  Mobile C.A.R.E. Foundation
·  Pasos Adelante
·  Preventive Nutrition Cardiovascular Disease Program
·  Project Green Fleet
·  Project Health Education Awareness Research Team (HEART)
·  Project Joy
·  REACH for Wellness
·  Reducing Environmental Triggers of Asthma
·  Rhode Island Greenhouse Gas Action Plan
·  Safe Routes for Seniors
·  SmartWay Transport Partnership
·  Study of Cardiovascular Risk Intervention by Pharmacists (SCRIP)

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